Applies to:

V-Suite WEB R2 Update 4 and later.

V-Suite Web R2 Update 4 supports multiple languages. How do I change the language?

V-Suite web applications support English (US), Simplified Chinese and Japanese User Interface. V-Suite web presents the appropriate language based on your internet browser default language. V-Suite Web R2 Update 4 does not (yet) support support a language glossary for strings stored in the database (for example Attribute Names stored in the database) or the ability to set an a

oChange default language in Microsoft Edge

oChange default language in Google Chrome

oChange default language in Mozilla Firefox

oInternet Explorer does not independently control its language selections. Although you can launch the Language settings through IE 11's menus, the operating system itself controls the language.

The software, support web site and help documentation was translated from English using machine translation. Customers may find that some phrases are not correctly translated. INOVX strives to improve the translation and welcomes your feedback at

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