Applies to:

V-Suite CORE 64-bit

I want to use the 64-bit client and link to external Microsoft data but can't because I cannot install 64-bit redistributable. What should I do?

You are using the 64-bit client to obtain or configure external Microsoft Excel or Microsoft Access data using the Microsoft Access Database Engine OleDB provider but you cannot install the 64-bit Microsoft Access Database Engine.

The 64-bit installer you downloaded from Microsoft (AccessDatabaseEngine_X64.exe) presents an error message:
"You cannot install the 64-bit version of Microsoft Access Database Engine because you currently have 32-bit Office Product installed"

You have already have installed 32-bit Microsoft Office Application like Microsoft Excel or Word and the installer does not allow side-by-side installation under normal circumstances.


Install the 64-bit Microsoft Access Database Engine on your INOVX Enterprise Server (IES) and configure the client to use the server to connect to external data:

Alternatively you can override the default behavior of the Microsoft installer and install the 64-bit Microsoft Access Database Engine on the client as follows:

Download the Microsoft installer (AccessDatabaseEngine_X64.exe)

Open a Command prompt with elevated privileges (Run as Administrator)

Navigate to the folder where you downloaded the installer (for example 'cd c:\downloads')

Execute the following command:

AccessDatabaseEngine_X64.exe /quiet

Verify the software is installed (in example below we installed Microsoft Database Engine 2010):

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