Applies to:

V-Suite WEB 2017 and later

How do I configure my Internet browser so that the Knowledge Book "Share > Email Link" opens my preferred email client?

To use the "Share> Email Link" function, you may need to configure your Internet browser to set up a client's email system.

For Chrome:

oAdd the Mailto extension from the Google store to Chrome.

Mailto extension:

oClick the Add to Chrome button on the APP page

oYou will see the Mailto icon displayed on your browser

oFollow the Mailto instructions to configure your preferred email client (If you don't see your email service on the default list, you can choose to add another service).

oEnable pop-ups on Chrome

For Internet Explorer:

oThe default email client is Outlook.

oIf you want to change your system's default email client, you need to start up Internet Explorer and perform some settings depend on your IE version:

Microsoft Community - How to change the default mail client for Internet Explorer 10?

After completing the Email client settings on your Internet browser, you should be able to use "Share> Email Link" function.

Click Email Link button will trigger the email service in your Internet Browser and provide the URL link automatically in your email.

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