Applies to:

V-Suite CORE 2017 and later

How do I register a V-Suite CORE license?

A floating license entails running V-Suite CORE on a computer which obtains its license key from a License Server. The License Server keeps track of the total number of licenses that were purchased and serves them on demand to a client when a client starts V-Suite CORE.

This is beneficial if there are multiple machines running V-Suite CORE that connect to the same server. This allows the user freedom to computer on the network. However, if a user were to try and use V-Suite CORE from outside the network, or the scope of the License Server, they would not be able to run V-Suite CORE since the License Server cannot issue a license to that particular machine.

You register a floating license by installing the INOVX License Server and request a floating license via INOVX License Administrator.

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