Management of Change in V-Suite CORE

This paper describes the management of change system that INOVX is introducing in V-Suite CORE. V-Suite CORE is a software product for working with asset models in 3D as a virtualization system. Plant personnel use V-Suite CORE to walk through virtual 3D models of a plant; to see properties of assets such as design, inspection, and operational data; to highlight assets of interest based on work plans or condition; and to perform tasks such as planning inspection rounds, analyzing safety issues, and planning turnarounds. Virtual plant models need to be updated from time to time, as assets are added, changed, and decommissioned. The V-Suite CORE management of change system helps keep these models updated and--crucially--ensures that information is kept consistent and accurate, in V-Suite CORE and in integrated applications.

This paper is intended for a general audience who understand V-Suite CORE and 3D modeling, and who want to understand how management of change works, the value it provides, and what it means for new and current V-Suite CORE customers.