V-Suite application services must run under an active directory account identity, providing the services the rights to access Active Directory and the V-Suite databases.

Account Requirements

The following requirements apply:

  • The account must be able to read all active directory user information
    • This must be configured by the IT administrator
  • The account must not expire
    • This must be configured by the IT administrator
  • The account will be given Microsoft SQL Server privileges

Active Directory privileges

V-Suite user authentication utilizes Windows Authentication. The service account must be able to read all active directory user information. If the account is not a member of a built-in group granting these active directory permissions, consider utilizing delegation of control to grant the account the minimum required active directory permissions.

Account Expiration

The application services account may not expire. V-Suite  application services will no longer be able to provide services to web and mobile applications if the service account is expired or disabled. To avoid password expiration, IT administrators may consider configuring a Managed Service Account (Microsoft Server 2008 R2) or a Group Managed Service Account (Windows Server 2012 and higher).