When signing in to V-Suite for the first time, you will be presented with a standard sign-in page with the following options:

  • Sign in using the Windows account
  • Sign in using a V-Suite account

If you're currently signed into Windows using one of the system administrator accounts specified while configuring the new environment, you can click the Sign in using your Windows account button. You may be prompted by the Web Browser to re-enter your windows credentials. Enter your windows user name and password. If you get re-prompted to enter your windows credentials again, please, make sure that the entered windows credentials are correct. If the credentials are not working even after multiple attempts, there may be an issue with the Active Directory sign-in process. In that case, use the Sign in using a V-Suite account method.

To sign in using a V-Suite account, you need to specify your V-Suite system administrator account user name and password:

  • Username - Enter your V-Suite account user name. For example if the windows user name is "johndoe@mydomain.com", the V-Suite account user name that you should enter here is "johndoe" (i.e. without the domain part).
  • Password - Enter the administrator password provided to you by the INOVX Customer Support.

Once signed in successfully, you will be asked to change the default administrator password to a new password.