Applies to:

V-Suite WEB 2018 and later.

I have installed and configured V-Suite Web Application server prerequisites but when I run V-Suite Configuration Center, most or all steps fails. What is the problem?

V-Suite Configuration Center is responsible to configure IIS, deploy SQL Server DACPAC's, configure the application service account, verify if required software is installed and a multitude of other tasks. Configuration Center utilizes Powershell to perform these configuration and validation tasks and cannot complete its tasks if it cannot execute a series of powershell scripts.

The application will temporarily place a series of powershell scripts (one for each task/step) in folder: C:\ProgramData\INOVx\Temp then will invoke the execution of those scripts and presents the outcome of the scripts (with 'unrestricted' excutionpolicy) to the V-Suite Configuration Center user.

It is possible that security policies (i.e. Virus Checker) blocks the excution of powershell scripts or allows the excution of user invoked powershell scripts, but blocks background execution of scripts to prevent the excution of scripts without the consent of the user. If such is the case a custom security policy must be configured to either temporarily allow the unrestricted execution of background executed powershell script or if possible whitelist powershell scripts in folder

C:\ProgramData\INOVx\Temp on the V-Suite Web application server.

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