Applies to:

RealityLINx and V-Suite CORE

Which Graphic Card do you recommend for computers running V-Suite CORE?

Users who work with graphic intensive operations (like extensively working with point clouds) may benefit from a dedicated GPU. If you decide to invest in a dedicated graphics card we recommend (but is not required) using a professional graphics card in order to benefit from the professional support offered by the vendors (driver bugs fixes, etc.). The following are professional graphics boards:






Kepler, Maxwell, Pascal



W, V

However, most V-Suite CORE users will find that a standard graphics card provides satisfactory performance and that there is no need to invest in dedicated graphics cards. Modern integrated GPU's (for example Intel i5, i7 integrated HD-Graphics) provide satisfactory performance for most graphic operations.

V-Suite CORE utilizes some advanced OpenGL rendering techniques. INOVX has found that these rendering techniques cause rendering issues on some NVIDIA standard graphics cards using V-Suite CORE 2019 and earlier. INOVX has tested and found rendering issues with NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 and GeForce GTX 745 (even when installing the latest drivers). These rendering issues however have been resolved in V-Suite CORE 2021.

Last Updated: January, 2021.