Applies to:

V-Suite WEB 2018 and later

V-Suite Configuration Center successfully creates a new environment but users cannot access it via the internet browser. What should I do to fix the problem?

You have just configured a new V-Suite environment using V-Suite Configuration Center. V-Suite Configuration Center completed and did not display any error but I see the following when users try to access the environment in the internet browser.

The most likely root cause is a DNS (Domain Naming Server) problem. The following describes host name, DNS and certificate requirements.

V-Suite Web Server supports one or more environments. V-Suite will for each environment create a website. Each website will have its own binding to a hostname.  

You have specified this hostname on the IIS Configuration Page of the New Environment Wizard:

The simplest configuration is a single environment (web site) where the host name is the same as the server name, in which case there are no specific DNS requirements: 


It may be desirable to specify a host name different from that of the server name, for example if the server name is long or hard to remember. Your DNS server however must ’know’ the host name. The easiest way to accomplish this, is via a DNS alias record. 


If you want to host multiple environments, for example for different versions of the software or one for ‘production’ and another for ‘training’ or ‘testing’ you will have to host multiple websites in IIS, each with a unique host name. Because you no longer can specify the server name for your host name(s), you must configure your DNS accordingly. If you have multiple host names you also must install multiple SSL certificates or alternatively install a wildcard certificate or self-signed certificate (not recommended). 

A wildcard certificate is a certificate which is not tied to a specific host name but supports multiple sub domains (for example *