November 30, 2021


V-Suite CORE 2021 (SP2) is a maintenance release which includes some minor enhancements, additional custom integration adapters and fixes critical bugs.


V-Suite CORE 2021 (SP2)


oAdded Custom Integration Adapters. Please contact to inquire about the new custom integration adapters. Custom integration adapters are developed for specific customers and may not always be generically applicable.

oEnhanced the Primavera Integration Adapter


oEnhanced the V-Suite CORE Client Windows Installers (MSI only) to be able to exclude Enterprise Administrator from the installation.

oRemoved Custom Adapters (Client specific adapters) from the Integration Adapter installation User Interface. Custom Adapters can be installed via MSI command line arguments only. Please consult for more information on custom adapter installation.

Bug Fixes

Miscellaneous Bug Fixes


V-Suite CORE 2021 is not compatible with earlier versions of the software (V-Suite CORE 2019 and earlier). V-Suite CORE 2021 and IES/ILS 2021 can be installed side-by-side earlier versions of the software. Customers who wish to install V-Suite CORE 2021 must also install IES/ILS 2021.

To upgrade a V-Suite CORE 2019 project to 2021 perform the following

oIn IEA 2019 create a backup of the 2019 project

oCopy/Move the backup from the 2019 backup folder to the 2021 backup folder

oIn IEA 2021 create a new project from backup. Select the 2019 backup file. This will restore the backup and upgrade to 2021.

Customers who wish to transfer V-Suite CORE 2021 to V-Suite Web must upgrade their Web environment to V-Suite Web R3.

Please refer to V-Suite Compatibility Tables for more information about side-by-side installation, license and server compatibility.

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