July 8, 2021


V-Suite CORE 2021 (SP1) is a maintenance release which includes some minor enhancements and fixes some critical bugs.


V-Suite CORE 2021 (SP1)


oSupport SAP Integration Adapter for V-Suite CORE x64

oAdded class DataWriter to the Macro API.

Bug Fixes

Miscellaneous Bug Fixes


V-Suite CORE 2021 is not compatible with earlier versions of the software (V-Suite CORE 2019 and earlier). V-Suite CORE 2021 and IES/ILS 2021 can be installed side-by-side earlier versions of the software. Customers who wish to install V-Suite CORE 2021 must also install IES/ILS 2021.

To upgrade a V-Suite CORE 2019 project to 2021 perform the following:

oIn IEA 2019 create a backup of the 2019 project

oCopy/Move the backup from the 2019 backup folder to the 2021 backup folder

oIn IEA 2021 create a new project from backup. Select the 2019 backup file. This will restore the backup and upgrade to 2021.

Customers who wish to transfer V-Suite CORE 2021 to V-Suite Web must upgrade their Web environment to V-Suite Web R3.

Please refer to V-Suite Compatibility Tables for more information about side-by-side installation, license and server compatibility.

Also See:  V-Suite CORE 2021 Release Notes | V-Suite CORE 2021 Bug Fixes