May 19, 2020


V-Suite CORE 2021 ( is a major release which supports new interoperability features as well as miscellaneous minor enhancements.

This version is not compatible with earlier versions of V-Suite CORE. Customers must upgrade both server (IES/ILS) and clients.


V-Suite CORE 2021


oV-Suite CORE supports new interoperability features introducing a new V-Suite Neutral File format (VNF) which allows the user to export V-Suite assets to a Neutral File and convert CAD files (Autodesk DWF) to a Neutral file.

oV-Suite CORE allows users to attach and view Neutral Files (converted from CAD or exported from V-Suite) without having to first import into the database.

oV-Suite CORE allows users to copy attached (V-Suite exported or CAD converted) assets to the V-Suite database.

oImproved AutoCAD export. Users can now export V-Suite Assets to AutoCAD where exported CAD data can be organized into Layers based on the Asset Name.

Customers should note that the legacy CAD Importers and Exporters and methodology to import/export CAD is unchanged. However, future planned releases will include new VNF converters (CAD to VNF, VNF to CAD) so that all future interoperability features will be handled via VNF.

Usability & Productivity

oAsset Explorer Search Auto-complete is now supported in both the MoC Production View (supported in earlier versions) as well as the WIP View (new in 2021).

oUsers can now apply Workspace Filter to search results

Physical Data Management

oScan Import now supports LIDAR, Drone, Hand-held collected data (E57 without intensity). Users have the option to "tile" non-gridded (no fixed scan position) point clouds using command line.

Macro API

oEnhanced the Macro API for Knowledge Views.

oAdded support to obtain MoC Change History information. API method(s) can be accessed via API Class MOC.

oIntroduced new API methods to read an attached V-Suite Neutral File. API method(s) can be accessed via API Class VNF.

oMiscellaneous minor enhancements:

Save Viewer Image

Font Structure (for example to set the Font of a Marked Point Tag)


oChinese and Japanese customers no longer have to first import the V-Suite standard language glossary for database items when creating or upgrading a project. The Simplified Chinese and Japanese V-Suite standard language glossaries will now automatically be added to the database.

INOVX Enterprise and License Server

Server installation will now install 64-bit binaries. This includes a 64-bit GDA Server.

V-Suite CORE end-user software new features

The V-Suite CORE software supports new interoperability features. The following diagram depicts high-level functionalities. For more details consult the "Interoperability" topic in the V-Suite CORE Help File.

Bug Fixes

Miscellaneous Bug Fixes


V-Suite CORE 2021 is not compatible with earlier version of the software. V-Suite CORE 2021 and IES/ILS 2021 can be installed side-by-side earlier versions of the software. Customers who wish to install V-Suite CORE 2021 must also install IES/ILS 2021.

To upgrade a V-Suite CORE 2019 project to 2021 perform the following:

oIn IEA 2019 create a backup of the 2019 project

oCopy/Move the backup from the 2019 backup folder to the 2021 backup folder

oIn IEA 2021 create a new project from backup. Select the 2019 backup file. This will restore the backup and upgrade to 2021.

Customers who wish to transfer V-Suite CORE 2021 to V-Suite Web must upgrade their Web environment to V-Suite Web R3.