V-Suite CORE 2021

Bug ID




Fixed an issue connecting a lateral to an elbow/straight

Connecting the components would leave a gap.


Fixed an issue with visual artifacts being displayed most notably when using NVIDIA GeForce drivers

The viewer would erroneously display some/many faces on top of others while they should be hidden


User Interface

Fixed an issue with the Copy Asset 'Paste' menu item

The 'Paste menu item was not enabled when the "Automatically Select in Asset Explorer" option was disabled


Marked Points

Fixed an issue with Marked Point Tags

Users would observe that in some cases marked point tags would disappear after releasing the mouse button when navigating


Knowledge View

Fixed an issue with the Knowledge View preview

The application would erroneously update the preview of an unsaved Knowledge View


AutoCAD Export

Fixed an issue with the AutoCAD export of Assisted Surface produced primitives

Export to AutoCAD would not export the  Assisted Surface produced primitives

Application Crash

Fixed an issue the with deleting a Knowledge View

The application would crash if the user attempted to delete a Knowledge View which was being renamed


License Manager

Fixed an issue with License Manager

License Manager would not issue multiple instance (on same computer) license if maximum license capacity was reached


User Interface

Fixed an issue with the User Interface displaying macro folders

The user interface to run a macro would display macro folders even if the folder does not contain any macros



Fixed an issue inserting a tee/branch

In some cases inserting a tee/branch would incorrectly position the newly inserted tee/branch


Macro API

Fixed a performance issue with some macro API produced knowledge views.

The Macro API would in some cases erroneously enable the flow direction flags impacting the performance to view the knowledge view


Asset Explorer Search

Fixed an issue with the Asset Explorer Search

The search control would accept multiple lines which resulted in invisible search strings resulting in invalid search strings


Knowledge View

Fixed an issue with Camera Knowledge View icon

Creating a camera view would present an incorrect icon in the Knowledge Book explorer


User Interface (Simplified Chinese)

Fixed an issue with user interface not displaying Simplified Chinese translation

Some string in the AutoCAD options dialog where note translated from English to Simplified Chinese



Fixed an issue specifying an invalid Microsoft SQL Server instance name

The application would crash when entering an invalid Microsoft SQL Server instance name when configuring the server


Open Project

Fixed an issue opening multiple projects

V-Suite CORE would present an error "Cannot open project" when multiple projects where selection


Integration Adapters

Fixed an issue selecting a primitive when an integration adapter is installed

V-Suite CORE would crash if the user selected a primitive when one of the integration adapters was installed


User Interface

Fixed an issue displaying assets in a new windows

Displaying assets in a new window would not automatically switch the viewer to the new window



Fixed an issue with the Tee Catalog

The catalog displayed duplicate 6x3 Tee instances


Knowledge View Macro

Fixed an issue with the Knowledge View Macro

Export Knowledge View would include Knowledge View macros the user had not access rights for


Export PDF

Fixed an issue with export to PDF

The application would always produce with an empty last page.


User Interface

Fixed an issue with the "Show Tags" command

The application would not always hide all tags and shared marked point templates were not presented in the drop-down