October 2020 - INOVX releases V-Suite CORE 2019 Update 4

V-Suite CORE 2019 Update 4 ( is a minor release which supports Japanese Language. It also provides a function to import a Language Glossary which translates items in the database like templates, template attributes to the appropriate language. V-Suite CORE 2019 Update 4 is not compatible with earlier versions of the software. Customers who wish to upgrade to V-Suite CORE 2019 Update 4 must upgrade both server (IES, ILS) and clients. Customers who wish to use the Simplified Chinese or Japanese version should consult this FAQ topic.

Customers who upgrade from V-Suite CORE 2018 or earlier should first consult the V-Suite CORE 2019 Release Notes for important product information.

Also see:  V-Suite CORE Update 4 Release Notes |  Bug Fixes

The software can be downloaded here.

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