March 6, 2019


V-Suite WEB R2 ( includes several enhancements and bug fixes. V-Suite WEB R2 provides services to the Knowledge Book R2 mobile application.

New Features

System and Usability Enhancements

oEnhanced the Sign In form

oAdded the ability to add users to security groups and organization roles via the user application (eliminating the need to force an administrator to use the Entitlement and Organization Role applications to assign members)

oEnhanced the Diagnostics application presenting a diagnostics record in a detailed view

Knowledge Book Enhancements

oAdded ability to store user Knowledge Book application preferences

oAdded ability to store user Scratch Pad viewer/editor preferences

oAdded ability to filter Notes and Scratch Pad pages

oEnhanced the Asset Quick Info pop-up for Marked Points

oEnhanced the Scratch Pad page so that it displays the compass when visible in the 3D viewer

oEnhanced the Asset Information form allowing the user to switch between Asset Information Form and Asset Quick Info pop-up.


oAdded Web Visions Adapter

Bug Fixes

Miscellaneous Bug Fixes


Please refer to V-Suite Compatibility Tables for more information about side-by-side installation, license and server compatibility.