The Web R2 Update 4 Web Installation will install the necessary files on your application server to configure a V-Suite Web environment.

The default installation location is 'C:\Program Files\INOVx Solutions\V-Suite\Web'.

In addition to the application tier package, database dacpacs and data transfer package it will install miscellaneous other dependencies which allow the Configuration Center user to configure a remote SQL Server Instance.

These dependencies are by default installed in 'C:\Program Files\INOVx Solutions\V-Suite\Web\PS'.

Failure of the 'SQL Powershell Module Check' rule indicates that these dependencies no longer can be located. To remedy, uninstall Web R2 Update 4 Web and reinstall.

NOTE: Uninstalling Web R2 Update 4 Web does not affect the environments you deployed via V-Suite Configuration Center but you will no longer be able to configure new or existing environments until you reinstall.