A Transform file allows you to transform an MSI installer (add or modify the properties). While there are commercially available tools to create transform files, in this topic we will describe the use of a free Microsoft utility called Orca

Launch Orca to create a transformation file:

  1. Click menu File - Open, navigate to the MSI you wish to transform and click Open
  2. Click menu Transform - New Transform
  3. In the Tables panel, click the Property table.


  1. To modify an existing property locate the property in the property pane and modify its value

Repeat this for all the properties you wish to edit.

Only modify properties listed here.

  1. To add a new property click menu Tables - Add Row

    Enter the name of the property you wish to add

  1. Press Enter to specify the property value and click OK.

Repeat 4,5 for each property you wish to add.

  1. Click menu Transform - Generate Transform and save the MST file