The INOVX License Server hosts floating licenses which allows users on the network to run V-Suite CORE. To obtain V-Suite CORE licenses you must first install INOVX License Server and use INOVX License Administrator to request a license.

System Administrators must perform the following steps to install and configure the license server.

  1. Choosing the license type and features

    INOVX software provides miscellaneous license options and features. Select the license options and features appropriate for your organization.

  2. Install INOVX License Server

    The INOVX License Server can be installed on any windows computer or server in the LAN. If you are planning to install INOVX Enterprise Server you may want to install INOVX License Server on the same server but this is not required. Please visit the INOVX support web site here for more information about system requirements and installation instructions.

  1. Send License Request to INOVX support

    After you have installed the INOVX License Server software on your license server you must first generate a license request. Refer to the Registering for a License topic for more information.

  2. Add License to License Server

    After you have sent your license request to INOVX support you will receive a license key. Refer to the Adding a License to Server topic for more information.

  3. Change the Licensing password

    System Administrators may want to protect the license with a password to prevent that users change or delete the license.