Contact Information

I am new to INOVX products and services and would like to know more about INOVX products and services. Who do I contact?

I have a technical question about the software. Who do I contact?

I need to request a license V-Suite CORE or need to transfer a license. Who do I contact?

Software Problems

After a Windows update in September 2018 I'm experiencing 3D problems. What can I do to fix the problem?

Software Installation

Where can I download V-Suite software?

Should I install the 32-bit or 64-bit V-Suite CORE client on my computer?

I have problems installing 'Microsoft .NET Core' on the V-Suite application server. What should I do to correct this?

How do I deploy the V-Suite CORE client via an Active Directory Group Policy or a system management tool like Microsoft SCCM?

What is an MSI transform file and how do I create it?

Language Support

V-Suite CORE Update 4 supports additional languages. How do I change the language to Simplified Chinese or Japanese?

V-Suite Web R2 Update 4 supports additional languages. How do I change the language to Simplified Chinese or Japanese?

I am using the non-English version of the V-Suite CORE software but still see English terminology in the user interface. Why is that?

Hardware Recommendations

Which Graphic Card do you recommend for computers running V-Suite CORE?


How do I request a demo license?

How do I register a license?

How do I transfer a V-Suite CORE floating license to another license server?

I already received a V-Suite license key by email. Why do I need to install the V-Suite CORE License Server to request a license key?

CAD Import/Export

I want to import/export CAD but don't see the option. Why not?

External Data Issues

I want to use the 64-bit client and link to external Microsoft data but can't because I cannot install 64-bit redistributable. What should I do?

V-Suite Web

How do I configure my Internet browser so that the Knowledge Book "Share > Email Link" opens my preferred email client?

Why does my Internet Browser ask for User Name and Password when I sign in using my Windows account?

V-Suite 2018 Configuration Center rule validation fails, stating that the application tier must be configured with SQL Server 2014 SP2 or higher. Is that a hard requirement?

When I open a (pano) scan image in the Bubble Viewer using Internet Explorer (IE11), I just see a black background. What is the problem?

All or most V-Suite Configuration Center validation steps fail. What is the problem?