November 08, 2019


V-Suite CORE 2019 Update 2 is a minor release which adds support for Simplified Chinese. V-Suite CORE 2019 Update 2 is compatible with V-Suite 2019 Update 1 but customers who wish to benefit from English to Simplified Chinese mapping dictionaries for database items must upgrade to IES 2019 Update 2 and upgrade existing databases to 2019 Update 2. V-Suite CORE 2019 Update 1 clients are compatible with IES 2019 Update 2. Customers who wish the user interface presented in Simplified Chinese must upgrade V-Suite CORE (on the user's computer) to V-Suite CORE 2019 Update 2.

New Features

V-Suite CORE. Task Center, INOVX Enterprise Administrator (IEA) and INOVX License Administrator (ILA):

Added support for Simplified Chinese User Interface

Added web help documentation in Simplified Chinese (users must have an internet connection in order to access the help in Simplified Chinese

Added mapping dictionaries for database items like templates, macros etc. Customers who have specific mapping needs for customer performed customization should contact support at to be provided assistance to update mapping dictionaries.

Added Simplified Chinese to support and installation documentation (

Bug Fixes

No new bug fixes.


Please refer to V-Suite CORE Compatibility Tables for detailed information about side-by-side installation, license and enterprise server compatibility.