July 29, 2019


V-Suite CORE 2019 Update 1 ( is a minor release which includes several bug fixes and miscellaneous enhancements. V-Suite CORE 2019 is compatible with IES 2019 Update 1 and V-Suite CORE 2019 Update 1 is compatible with IES 2019, but customers who wish to benefit from the IES 2019 Update 1 enhancements (allow IES configuration with a Microsoft SQL Instance with SQL Authentication only) must upgrade both the client (V-Suite CORE) and the server (IES/ILS) to 2019 Update 1. Customers who wish to benefit from V-Suite CORE bug fixes must upgrade the client (V-Suite CORE), server upgrade is recommended to benefit from IES bug fixes.

Customers who upgrade from V-Suite CORE 2018 or earlier should first consult the V-Suite CORE 2019 Release Notes for important product information.

New Features

Configuration, V-Suite CORE and IES:

Enhanced INOVX Enterprise Server (IES) and the V-Suite CORE Client so that IES can be configured with a Microsoft SQL Server Instance which is configured with Windows Authentication Only (as opposed to a 'Mixed' mode instance).

The following help topics describe this new feature:

oConfigure Application SQL Windows Account

oModify Application SQL Windows Account

Bug Fixes

Miscellaneous Bug Fixes


Please refer to V-Suite CORE Compatibility Tables for detailed information about side-by-side installation, license and enterprise server compatibility.