MAY 16, 2018


V-Suite CORE 2018 RC1 ( is a major release which includes several Management of Change and Productivity enhancements as well as bug fixes. V-Suite CORE 2018 is not compatible with previous versions of INOVX Enterprise Server and INOVX License Server. Customers who wish to upgrade to V-Suite CORE 2018 must upgrade IES and ILS and obtain new licenses.

New Features

V-Suite CORE Management of Change:

Added a new type of Work Order - “User-Defined Work Order” which supports users request Asset changes within V-Suite CORE. It also allows users to create the Scope for a Work Order Task in an intuitive way. For example, users can set Asset Scope from the displayed assets in the Asset View window and add related Knowledge Views, Display Filters, and Search Definitions based on the Asset Scope.

Added a new type of Standing Task – “Shared Standing Task” which allow users to manage routine tasks. Users who work on the same Shared Standing Task will share the same Work-in-Progress View.

Added ability to visualize Asset Scope.

Added ability to visualize Asset Changes.

Added ability to configure a Task to become automatically activate when opening a Project.

Added ability to make a comment when publishing a Standing Task.

Added ability to retain a private Work-in-Progress View beyond the duration of a session.

Added ability to see the task information of an activated Standing Task within V-Suite CORE.

Added ability to execute a Macro in the Production View.

Added ability to configure which Macros are visible and executable within the Production View.

Added ability to view change history of Macros.

Added ability to create, modify, and delete Macros against Any Task in a Satellite Project if a shipped Task Scope doesn't include the Macro Scope Category.

Improved the MOC Task Selection Tool Window so that users can easily find tasks.

Added a warning message to remind users that the changes made using Any Task in a Satellite Project will not be merged back to its Master Project.

V-Suite CORE Productivity Enhancements:

Added support for assisting Surface modeling.

Added support for applying World Coordinates to Assets.

Added support for rewriting laser scans to exclude points that are categorized as “void”.

Added support for the latest version of ZFS scan file (version 9).

Added support for on-demand asset selection: users can decide if they want the Asset Hierarchy tree to remain the same when selecting Assets in the Asset View window.

Added ability to modify WIP folder for external data files.Added ability to define a Custom Help Link in Help menu for an organization's internal use.

Added ability to customize piping components utilizing new Asset Templates.Improved the existing Asset Templates “Elbow”, “Tee”, “Cap”, and “Blind Flange” to have a new Tap Point(s) which can connect to “Nipple” and “Straight”.

Improved the information of the “Attached to Object” in a Marked Point to always show the attached Asset name.

Improved the performance of loading scan properties.

Improved Point Clipping. The user will no longer need to first select points to clip the points from the Asset View window.

Enhanced Region hierarchy path for Registration Area Synchronization.

Enhanced Region Synchronization based on the Registration Area(s) users specified.

Enhanced the publishing process to automatically copy external physical data files from WIP folder(s) to Production folder(s) when working with a Standing Task.

Enhanced the Display Filter Manager to allow users directly find an active Display Filter in the Display Filter list.

Improved the Export to PDF Dialog functionality to remember the export path.

Task Center Enhancements:

Added ability to assign a private Work-in-Progress View to another user.

Added ability to apply filters to Work Orders.

INOVX Enterprise Enhancements:

Added ability to add Windows users from a trusted domain instead of the default server domain.

INOVX License Enhancements:

Enhanced INOVX License Server to allow one license usage for multiple instances of V-Suite CORE from one client computer.


V-Suite CORE no longer supports the native import of Faro FLS point cloud files. To import Faro captured point clouds, customers should export to PTS (or other supported format) from FaroScene.

Bug Fixes

Miscellaneous Bug Fixes


Please refer to V-Suite CORE Compatibility Tables for more information about side-by-side installation, license and enterprise server compatibility.